Healthy Wheatgrass juice Recipe| How to make wheatgrass juice

I’m a big fan of Wheatgrass juice. I drink the fresh juice(just 100ml) almost every day. It gave considerably more energy and stamina and I felt generally much better after drinking a fresh juice. Yes, not just me, but this juice is the latest ingredient the world of natural health. If you don’t like the fresh wheatgrass juice’s taste, you may mix fresh fruit juices or honey.

Dr. Micheal Greger (a physician, New York Times bestselling author, and internationally recognized speaker on nutrition, food safety, and public health issues) says in his website -” wheatgrass juice offers a genuine therapeutic advantage”.

Wheatgrass juice has got amazing health benefits when you have it daily.  Dr. Chris Reynolds an Australian medical practitioner has done a lot of studies on the same. He says, “unidentified bioactive in wheatgrass appear to account for the well-being observed in many who take wheatgrass regularly.”  For more info refer to this webpage

How to prepare wheatgrass juice? 

Wheatgrass juice is squeezed from freshly sprouted leaves, the young grass(approximately 11-12days old grass) of the common wheat plant Triticum aestivum. (Recipe below). It can be consumed in juice, extract, powder or supplement forms preferably in empty stomach.

Is it Gluten free?

Yes, wheatgrass juice is Gluten-free. Gluten is found in the seed kernel, wheatgrass is cut from the growing plant and it does not include the seed kernel.

What are the Health benefits of Wheatgrass juice?

1. High in nutrition and antioxidants – it contains vitamins A, C, and E, as well as iron, magnesium, calcium and amino acids. The fresh juice and extract increase the production of hemoglobin, so helps in reducing Anemia. Especially when people need blood transfusion due to genetic blood disorders(Thalassemia), wheatgrass juice has shown amazing results and reduced the need for blood transfusions to a great extent. 

2. Several animal studies have found that wheatgrass may help to lower cholesterol levels

3. Due to its high antioxidant profile, the juice helps in killing cancer cells. Also reduces oxidative stress in the body (due to free radicals.)

4. Some research has shown that it can reduce inflammation and shown impressive results in reducing the severity in ulcerative colitis cases

5.Beneficial in weight loss diet

Where to buy?

I buy Organic wheat grass from Fairprice supermarket. If not, you may grow yourself using the wheat seeds. It can also be grown Hydroponically, without soil.


Difficulty Level Easy
Prep time 2-3 minutes
Cooking Time No cooking required
Refrigerator life Drink when fresh
Reheating method None
Ingredients Measurement
Fresh Organic Wheatgrass 20-30 grams
water 100ml
Natural Honey(optional)** 1 Teaspoon


1.Wash the Organic wheat grass thoroughly in water and drain

2. Chop them into pieces and add into a blender or juicer(using a mortar and pestle retains more nutritional values in them) and blend

3.Squeeze the juice and mix honey (optional) and drink immediately for the maximum results

Note: Heat, oxidation, and water are the 3 primary reasons for the loss in nutrition. **Honey is not a vegan product

Place the wheatgrass in a refrigerator, where, according to wheatgrass expert Ann Wigmore, it can be stored for up to seven days. Juice your refrigerated wheatgrass in small batches, drink it immediately.20190318_113020

I hope you will try this Healthy ‘Wheatgrass juice’ recipe and share the feedback in the comment section below.

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Thank you.

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