Yogurt rice recipe -Indian style

A quick and easy Indian Yogurt rice recipe is here. Hope you will try and relish the taste.

Difficulty Level Easy
Prep time 5 minutes
Cooking Time 15 minuteS
Refrigerator life  –
Reheating method Thaw
Ingredients Measurement
White Rice 2/3 Cup
Yogurt 1Cup
Pomegranate seeds & Grapes 1/2 Cup each
Salt (to taste) 1 Teaspoon
Raisins 2 Tablespoons
For Tempering
Coconut Oil 1 Table Spoon
Cumin and Mustard seeds 1 Table Spoon
Asafoetida (Hing) Small pinch
Green Chili 3
Fresh curry leaves, rinsed
and destemmed (about 9-10 leaves)
1 Sprig
Minced Ginger 2 Tablespoons
Coriander leaves (optional) 1 Sprig


  1. Cook the rice in a pressure cooker  and get it cooled
  2. Heat the oil in a large pan. When the oil is heated add cumin seeds, mustard seeds, chopped green chili, minced ginger, asafoetida, and curry leaves. Sauté for 1-2 minutes & turn off the flame
  3. Add the yogurt (Curd) and mix well
  4. To this pan add the cooked rice, pomegranate seeds, chopped grapes and mix well
  5. Garnish with pomegranate seeds, raisins, or parsley and serve when warm

I hope you’ll try the Indian Yogurt rice recipe and share the feedback in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you all! If you like the recipe please don’t forget to like the recipe on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Pocket, Telegram, Whatsapp.

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  1. Oh this is interesting! Must be delicious 😋

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  2. Jyo says:

    This is a MUST to our meal😊 it soothes the palate👍

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    1. Yes, same here😊


  3. Every time we travel, we have to take this with us. The options are endless, so are the yummy tastes every single time. Beautiful clicks

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    1. Thanks for stopping by .. Yes same here:)


  4. Clanmother says:

    You have a marvelous genius for photography. I love stopping by for a visit. Thank you.

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    1. Thank you so much.

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  5. Bernice says:

    Looks fantastic! 💕


  6. What a wonderful combination of spices. Cannot wit to try it.

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  7. Ramyarecipes says:

    Love this presentation 👍

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